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Acmena Smithii Minor 300mm Pot

Acmena Smithii Minor 300mm Pot

Lilly Pilly

Australian Native Plant.

An extremely popular plant particularly for hedging and screening. It exhibits fluffy white flowers in Spring to early Summer followed by long lasting red and purple berries.

This is also a great feature plant as you can shape into anything you desire.

When planting, use a slow release fertilizer that will last 12 months. Remember that the more you cut your plants back to give them a shape, the more rewards you gain.


Popular hedging plant featuring fluffy white flowers in Spring/Summer followed by red and purple berries.


Full sun to part shade.

Ideal For:

Shaping or hedging.

Plant Apart:

350mm to 450mm apart for hedging.

Height at Maturity:

To 5m but can be pruned to any height