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Agave Attenuata 200mm Pot

Agave Attenuata                                         200mm Pot

Fox-tail Agave, Lion’s Tail Agave, Swan’s Neck Agave

The Agave makes a bold statement in any garden! Fantastic for adding different texture and interesting form to garden beds, the Agave is a favourite in modern garden designs.

For strong healthy growth fertilise every 3 months with a slow release fertiliser. 


Slow growing hardy succulent that produces tight rosettes of pale green fleshy leaves. Upon maturity it produces a long arching flower spike that is covered in beautiful cream-white flowers, however this can take up to 10 years.


Full sun to part shade.

Ideal For:

Decorative pots or garden beds.

Plant Apart:

800mm to 1100mm

Height at Maturity:

To 1m