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Korean Box Buxus Microphylla x Microphylla 200mm Pot


Premium plant quality.

Premium Low Plant Hedge Grower. 

Other names: Dwarf Japanese Box, Buxus Micro Micro

Growing Tips: We recommend that you give them a trim/cut back at least twice a year to encourage new growth. Such an easy plant to grow low hedge.

Korean Box Buxus Microphylla x Microphylla.

Current Height: 210mm (From the top of the pot)

Korean Box Hedge Dwarf or Dwarf Buxus

Planting for a hedge: Plant 35cm to 45cm apart. This is also a great feature plant.

When planting Korean Buxus, use a slow release fertilizer that will last 12 months. Remember that the more you cut your plants back to give them a shape, the more rewards you gain.